July 6 - July 30, 2022

Hayley Barker

"Utopia is a series of abstract soft sculpture works depicting different worlds through up-cycled multimedia expression. Each shape on their own is a different depiction of a form on earth if it were morphed through a lucid dream and appeared on the other side. They serve as explorations of space, time and function through colors, textures and their 3-D quality."

Hayley Barker


20x13x4 in, Fabric & Vinyl, $125

Hayley Barker


12x17x4 in, Fabric Beads & Vinyl, $125

Hayley Barker


12x10x4 in, Fabric Beads & Vinyl, $100

Hayley Barker


25x11x4 in, Fabric & Vinyl, $125

Hayley Barker


15x15x4 in, Fabric Vinyl & Beads, $125

About Hayley Barker

Hayley Barker

Hayley is an artist based in Denver, CO. Her work focuses on creating utopian worlds of whimsy and color with multi-dimensional materials.

Hayley graduated in 2020 with a BFA in painting & sculpture from the Metropolitan State University of Denver. She has exhibited works throughout Denver and continues to work within the DIY music and arts scene at various venues and galleries.

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