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Nazmine Begum

The Element of Identity

June 5 - June 29, 2022

"My works are a collection of portraits which explore the different elements of identity."

Nazmine_Begum_Demonised Damsel

Demonised Damsel is a feminist statement that subverts [the] Damsel's stock character in Distress. [This] has labelled and expected women to be helpless, and always need to be ‘saved’ by a man, enforcing patriarchal ideologies within our society. The existence of female independence is a scary thing for the patriarchy.”

Demonised Damsel, Acrylic, 24x43.5 cm

"[My works] hone in on the trials and tribulations faced by identifying with marginalised groups, combatting and diminishing the stereotypes associated with them."

Nazmine_Begum_Black and White.jpg

Black and White, Acrylic, 24.5x26.5 cm


Aura, Acrylic, 19x30 cm

“Both my works, Black and White and Aura, investigate the relationship between race and identity, and how, sadly, race is a significant factor in how people of colour are treated. These works explore and emphasize individuality by stripping the skin tone from the subjects. Black and White highlights the attire of the subject and her hair colour, but removes her dark skin, whilst Aura subverts the subject's skin colour and puts the colours associated with her aura at the forefront. These works are a commentary on how having preconceived notions about ethnic minorities hinders socialisation and togetherness in the world solely due to the colour of [others'] skin.”


Reflection is a chalk self-portrait exploring both my appearance and identity. I reflect on my sense of self due to society having both negative and unrealistic expectations [for me], such as body image and colourism, which were detrimental to my sense of self growing up. My work, from a personal stance, has helped me embrace my individuality and who I am. I hope I can do the same for others that share my truth, as the lack of representation of people like me was harmful growing up.”

Reflections, Chalk, 59.4x84.1 cm

Nazmine_Begum_Gen Z Hijabi.jpg

Gen Z Hijabi, Watercolour, 21x29.7 cm

Gen Z Hijabi is a watercolour portrait looking at the struggle of being Muslim in the 21st century, and wearing the Hijab.

Many people within society criticise Muslim women for their choice in wearing religious attire, with some countries going to the extent of banning us from religious expression. Specifically, this work looks at the double standards between the head coverings, balaclava and hijab. Both of these clothing articles are head coverings, so saying one is a symbol of oppression and another is a trendy fashion statement is unjust and doesn’t sit right with me as a Muslim Woman.”

The Element of Identity

About Nazmine Begum

Nazmine Begum is a South Asian, Muslim creative based in London. She is also a student with an academic background in fine art, and art and design, which she has studied the past four years. She is currently studying creative media and production technology. Her creative works come in an array of varied media types, from painting and photography, to film, all of which her cultural and religious identity are at the forefront.

Her motivation for creating is to champion equality, inclusivity, access, and accurate representation of marginalised groups. Not only in the creative industries, but to start a conversation and enact change within our greater society in both equality and social justice.

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