July 8 - August 1, 2022


"For this exhibition, I prepared a series of artworks made with a collage technique, called Transformation."


In the garden

32x24 cm, Paper, $100

"These artworks allow me to demonstrate everything that I love so much in collage as an artist. The subtle play of lines, angles, meanings, a hint of provocation, the juxtaposition of spaces. The obvious becomes quite unobvious.


There is Hope

32x24cm, Paper, Sticky Tape, $100



32x24cm, Paper, $100


Figure in Red

32x24cm, Paper, $100


New Frame

32x24cm, Paper, $100

"Where logic suggests a continuation of something familiar and predictable, there is a new meaning, an unexpected twist. This is a very fascinating thing for me as a creator, and very hopefully for the viewer as well."



29.5x21cm, Paper, Flower Wrap Paper, $100

About Olga Nikiforova

Olga Nikiforova is a textile, mixed media, and collage artist from Uzbekistan, currently living in Cameroon. A french teacher and psychologist by trade, Olga was born and raised in Tashkent, where she started moving around the world with her family 12 years ago, from Kyrgyzstan, to Laos, the Solomon Islands, and Cameroon. "Traveling around the world has left a deep mark on my life and has also literally pushed me to become creative. So many different cultural layers are open to you, rich in traditions and history, the hitherto unknown side of the life of so many people."

"Creativity helped me not to lose myself amidst everything happening around me. On the contrary, it has brought me closer to myself and allowed me to feel what really matters. Collage for me is the tool that allows me to tell the stories that I needed to tell most vividly. I took several online courses in collage techniques and have been actively pursuing this art form for about five years now."

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