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In Spring
In Spring



MARCH 1 - MARCH 31, 2022

Celebrating Women in Art

In Spring explores women in their entirety, in their own words. This online exhibition is centered on the themes of growth, change, and identity, and showcased the work of female creators and artists only. Curated by Gallery Creative Director Maria Ilochi, In Spring featured the work of over 30 artists, presenting 31 works, and representing 13 countries. “Women are often spoken over and disregarded. I wanted to curate a collection of work that amplifies and honors women in their own words. I decided to host this exhibit during Women’s History Month to honor those that came before us, and those that will surely effect change in the future.”

Black Hands on Yellow The Gallery by MUI
Blue Illusion The Gallery by MUI




This exhibit uses the illusion of patchwork design, created by the interlocking of hands, to show strength. These elements create the foundation for the exhibition pieces, highlighted by contrasting bright colors and complex patterns to drive the viewer's eye. Two Hands shows how building from two elements can create something infinite, with movement, direction, and body.

the little stories

we tell ourselves

FEBRUARY 26 - MARCH 31, 2021

We define the little stories we tell ourselves as the realities we construct to comprehend life and create our identity. It can be understood, misunderstood, isolating or intimate. This call  gathered digital artworks, pictures, videos, etc. that represented the multifaceted worlds we create. This exhibition featured the work of over 40 artists, presenting nearly 45 works, including video and multimedia, and representing 17 countries.

the little stories Exhibit
the little stories exhibit
Dusk The Gallery by MUI
Dusk The Gallery by MUI



DECEMBER 27 - JANUARY 31, 2021

The 3 Sunsets explores the transition between day and night, with a large focus on dusk and sunset. This exhibit began as an experiment in understanding depth and light, and how these elements influence emotion. As we began to incorporate elements of structure and openness through cityscapes and windows, it all came together to tell the story of the transition between day and night. This exhibit is beautifully woven together by the short story, Behind the Yellow Line, written by Gabrielle McKenzie. Instead of titling the individual pieces, we decided to use excerpts of the story to enhance the experience and give the viewer an opportunity to imagine themselves in the world created in The 3 Sunsets.





In collaboration with Black creatives, authors, photographers, developers, and composers, The Gallery by MUI presents:

Vision: A Short Film Series


This series spanned over the course of the summer, exploring the vision of a creative work through finality.

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