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Black Boy Joy: A Photo Series

From the series Black Boy Joy © Styling by Chi

A photo series dedicated to highlighting the joy of Black children.

Fashion stylist and image consultant, Styling by CHI, or Chi as she’s known by close friends, is multifaceted and cannot be defined. Her mission with her work is simple, to heal, empower and inspire her clients through fashion and style. She aims to make fashion more accessible to marginalized communities, and help others find confidence in their creative aspirations.

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From the series Black Boy Joy © Styling by Chi

On how this project is a celebration of joy

"I wanted every viewer to be able to see their own innocence when they looked at these photos. This concept was orchestrated to showcase the joy that every Black child possesses. Very seldom do we take time to appreciate and marvel at the joy that exists in children and ourselves. After all, we are all children at heart, the only difference is the responsibility we possess and our physical appearance. It is so easy to look around us and find heaviness, so it was important that people were reminded of the peace that ease provides us. Joy is our birthright, similar to the joy of a child."

On her goals and intentions for this project

"My main goal for the “Black Boy Joy” project was to highlight and embrace the joy of Black children. Black children are human beings before they’re numbers, victims, and criminals. It is important that we protect and support the joy of Black children. What better way to do so, than include them in art that they have been excluded from for so long. It’s important that we change the narrative, and first start with thenext generation.”

To learn more about Chi, please visit her website.


Model: Clifton

Photographer: Natalie Lacek

Creative Director: Gabrielle Johnson


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