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Courtney Briggs: Studio Tour

This week’s creative space belongs to painter and digital media artist, Courtney Briggs. Briggs is a multi-talented artist whose artistic origins date back as early as the fifth grade, where she first discovered her love of visual arts.

Join us as we take a peek into Brigg’s creative processes, discuss her advice to upcoming artists, and uncover her passion for art accessibility.

What do you create?

Artwork - Oil Paintings and Digital Media

What is your background and how did you get started? How long have you been creating art?

I have been creating art since the 5th grade. I took art for 4 years in high school and then continued to take professional art courses in college. I have my own Art Print website where I sell my artwork ( I’ve also partnered with the infamous Netflix and Amazon Prime show, Hey Qween, during Pride month 2021 to help raise funds for the LGBTQ+ homeless youth by creating a painting specifically for the fundraiser.

How long have you been working from your art space, and can you explain the process of acquiring it?

I’ve had my Art Print website since 2020. I had created a painting and received a lot of inquiries about selling it. I decided to create a website where I can sell my artwork on various items, in different forms of media, and it’s accessible to people all around the world.

© Courtney Briggs

How would you describe your designated workspace, and what would you consider some of the pros and cons of working from it?

I mostly create my artwork from home and just publish it on my website. The pros of creating from home is that all of my materials are accessible and if I’m inspired in any moment, I can just get up and create something. The cons would be limited work space, as I’m just creating in a single bedroom apartment.

What is your favorite part of your workspace? Do you have a favorite piece you've created in your studio space?

My favorite part of creating from home is being able to work comfortably and paint whenever inspiration strikes. My favorite piece I’ve created from home would be my Flower Boy painting.

© Courtney Briggs

Are there any new projects or pieces you're currently working on?

The most recent piece I’ve created is a large wall canvas for my bedroom.

© Courtney Briggs

© Courtney Briggs

What advice would you give another artist on cultivating a designated art space?

I would create a space that’s comfortable and specifically just for creating art. Sometimes when you mix your spaces like an art space and an office space, you can feel cramped and a little less inspired.


Thank you, Courtney, for sharing your creative space with us! Be sure to check out more of Courtney's work below:

Instagram: @fkabriggs


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