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In Their Backyard: A Photo Series

From the series In Their Backyard © Mark Wilburn

A photo series dedicated to finding what is trying to hide itself.

Nature, wildlife and landscape photographer Mark Wil Shot It created a photo series dedicated to his love and appreciation for nature. In Their Backyard, captured over the course of two years, is a combination of chance and skill. "I wanted to capture animals in their home. They're a subject I love to capture because no part of the process can be controlled."

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In Their Backyard by Mark Wilburn

From the series In Their Backyard © Mark Wilburn

On how this project is a maturation of childhood interests

"Ever since I was a chid, I liked capturing spur of the moment action. At that time, my subjects were anything I could get in the lens, from friends and family, to toys and outdoor adventures. I've since honed my skills in capturing nature and wildlife, and everything in between."

On his goals and intentions for this project

"I'm a fan of inconspicuousness - finding what is trying to hide itself. That was definitely my intention for this project, showing animals in their natural habitat. I try to let my inspiration guide me and my work. I hope my work can inspire others to explore what they love, and I hope that this photo series can provide viewers a sense of escape. Appreciating the beauty of nature, we can easily overlook these things."

For more of Mark's work, please visit his website.


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