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Kateryna Goncharova: Studio Tour

This month’s creative space belongs to artist, Kateryna Goncharova. Kateryna is a visual artist whose work explores important social and philosophical issues.

Kateryna Goncharova

Join us as we learn more about Kateryna's artistic process, her workspace, and the benefits of a designated work area.

What do you create?

What is your background and how did you get started? How long have you been creating art?

How long have you been working from your art space, and can you explain the process of acquiring it?

How would you describe your designated workspace, and what would you consider some of the pros and cons of working from it?

What is your favorite part of your workspace? Do you have a favorite piece you've created in your space?

Are there any new projects or pieces you're currently working on?

Do you have a favorite song or sound that helps you get into a creative mood or fill your space with creative energy?

Collections of meditative music, Buddhist mantras, contemprorary Ukrainian singers - ONUKA, Jamala, Dakh Daughters and Ukrainian folk bands - Yagody, Dakha Brakha.

What advice would you give another artist on cultivating a designated art space?

Kateryna Goncharova Art Studio
© Kateryna Goncharova


Thank you, Kateryna, for sharing your creative space with us! Check our more of her work here and here.

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The Gallery by MUI Studio Tours

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