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Welcome to The Archive

We are excited to present, The Archive! Our new blog that serves as a platform to showcase creative expression in all its many forms, and most importantly amplify artists through creative inspiration and education. This platform will house our interview series, collaborations, and much more. We are excited to provide a space for makers to show their work in their own words. A Creator’s Space.

[Bits & Pieces]

Narrated by CHI

I always knew

the ins & outs

there's so much that we know


making things as we want to see

them in the world

searching for freedom

but what about internal peace

no form or force could mean more

my mind goes




and who can explain it better

than me

in my own words

i'd never asked that enough

ever changing


my best work

I always saw it as freedom


no form or force could mean more

in my own hands

but why

I'd never asked that enough

[The Archive]


The Archive by Gallery MUI
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