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Concrete Wall

A Window Inside

August 5 - August 28, 2022

Sarah Liss

"This is a multimedia body of work that tells the story of what it is like to live with PTSD. Each drawing becomes a window into snippets of the subject’s inner world. The subject itself is the imagined being whose mental world you are gaining access into. This distinction is important because it acknowledges that you as the viewer are inherently an outsider, but being able to view the work through this perspective allows you to now be transported into the subject’s direct view of their own narrative."

"Each drawing is paired with a poem, with the exception of one which is paired with lyrics and a song. Each poem and lyric is drawn in terms of its letters and words to visually "aestheticize" and emphasize the intimacy of what’s also being viewed."


It Hurts To Remember, Digital Drawing, $200


Who Am I (Without You) Lyrics, Digital Drawing, $200

"In the drawing, It Hurts to Remember, the traumatic memory shown is presented to have gaps, holes, and blurriness in order to protect one’s consciousness from the pain. In the case of this drawing, the subject is remembering a time of vulnerability, when they were a teenager, but with the pressure and judgement of their mother figure in the background watching them. The visual destruction of this memory is mainly in the environmental surroundings and the younger version of the subject’s self, not as much on the mother figure. This is representational of an attachment trauma and the inner conflict between individuating or merging with their caregiver. The song “Who Am I (Without You)” and its lyrics open the viewer to the sadness and fear that comes up when developing one’s own self was not accepted."


Fragmented for Dinner, Digital Drawing, $200


Forgot How to Cry, Digital Drawing, $200

"In the drawing, Flooded with Shame the feeling of shame is being shown through an out of body experience of the subject drowning and falling into an ominous oblivion. The paired poem, “Trauma Brain” gives context to how trauma and shame are inherently entangled with one another while altering the perception of one’s internal and external world."


Flooded with Shame, Digital Drawing, $200

Trauma Brain, Digital Drawing, $200

"The drawing, Wash Away Worry alongside the poem, “In the Shower” shows a place where all the internal chaos can start to diffuse, even for a moment. Spaces like these are crucial to caring for one’s self, self-regulate, and just to have some relief. It is moments like these that can make things feel worth it even in the most difficult of times."


In the Shower, Digital Drawing, $200

Wash Away Worry, Digital Drawing, $200

A Window Inside

Sarah Liss

About Sarah Liss

Sarah was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and has recently moved to San Diego, California. She is mainly a self-taught artist, aside from the few classes she has taken at Pasadena City College, and a semester at Otis College of Art and Design when she was in pursuit of a Masters in Fine Arts. Sarah is a multimedia artist who incorporates drawing, 35mm film photography, video, music, and writing into her practice. Her work focuses on the human condition, trauma, and the interconnection these complexities have with nature.

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