The 3 Sunsets

An exploration of day & night

As told through the written work, Behind the Yellow Line, by Gabrielle McKenzie

The 3 Sunsets explores the transition between day and night, with a large focus on dusk and sunset. Sunset occurs when the sun disappears below the western horizon. Dusk, the period of twilight between complete darkness and sunrise (or sunset), can be explored in three stages. These stages in time are referred to as the 3 Sunsets. They are ordered below as they occur in the evening, but also occur before sunrise in the reverse order :


  • Civil Twilight

  • Nautical Twilight

  • Astronomical twilight

This exhibit began as an experiment in understanding depth and light, and how these elements influence emotion. As we began to incorporate elements of structure and openness through cityscapes and windows, it all came together to tell the story of the transition between day and night. This exhibit is beautifully woven together by the short story, Behind the Yellow Line. Instead of titling the individual pieces, we decided to use excerpts of the story to enhance the experience and give the viewer an opportunity to imagine themselves in the world created in The 3 Sunsets.



About the Author

"My writing is influenced by universal experiences - the kind we tend to overlook. I'm partial to short stories, personal essays, anything that challenges me to tell a succinct story. I'd love to have my work made available to readers in a more visual way."

- Gabrielle McKenzie


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