the little stories we tell ourselves

the little stories we tell ourselves

February 26 - March 31, 2021

Free Exhibition

The Gallery by MUI presents our first Open Art Call virtual exhibition, the little stories we tell ourselves. This exhibition features the work of over 40 artists, presenting nearly 45 works, including video and multimedia, and representing 17 countries.

We define the little stories we tell ourselves as the realities we construct to comprehend life and create our identity. It can be understood, misunderstood, isolating or intimate. This exhibit was curated to show digital artworks, pictures, videos, etc. that represent the multifaceted worlds we create.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the featured works, please contact the artists directly at the links provided.

Olaosun Oluwapelumi. Isabella Devine. Artedelph. Katarzyna Pitek. Nikolay Vlahov. Darija Stipanic.Marie Ruprecht. Beata Malinowska-Petelenz. Khim HIpol. Hannah Lane. Paula Averkamp. Caterina Riceci. Zhongyao Wang. Anita Owsianna. Benjamin Nollette. Thulani Kubeka. Gary Duehr. Hakima Jnah. Matina Vossou. Ekaterina Belukhina. Alva Capon. Nontokozo. Lim Zeharn. Tracy Whiteside. Sara Camporesi. Chen Mo. Cory Br0wn. Teresa letizia BontÃ. Olena Kayinska. Helena Barbagelata.Irina Borodenko. Yuliya Shulyatyeva. Lena Gumenyuk. Samantha. Nadya Plyamko. Emily Guitar. Besjana. Chenjie Zhao. Denis Abazi. Esther Chiyanda. Shannon M Welsh.

*Mockup Attribution: Freepik