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Nature by Hand

October 4 - October 30, 2022

Yelena Beliaev

Yelena Beliaev

BANANA, 38x29 cm, Wool, Canvas, Plastic, $180

"These works are created from 100% sheep's wool in needle felting technique, traditional for many national cultures, and arranged in art installations using wood, canvas and plastic. The artist uses this technique in researching a botanical theme concentrating on fruits and vegetables.
The choice of this theme isn't accidental. While the artist was bringing up two daughters, taking care of her house and tiny garden, fruits and vegetables were a part of a routine life of hers. She admired their colours and shapes."

Yelena Beliaev

APRICOT, 30.5x30.5 cm, Wool, Canvas, Wood, $180

Yelena Beliaev

STILL LIFE WITH MANGO, 60x80 cm, Wool, Wood, Plastic

"Despite working in a very realistic manner, the author intentionally underlines the handmade nature of her works. When arranging installations, she is inspired by the masterpieces of famous artists who worked in different genres, like still life and portrait, and art styles, like neoclassicism, abstractionism, and pop art. The artist employs a 3D form of felted pieces to add more interest to the installations such as shadows on a wall, or a two sided view."

Yelena Beliaev

QUIENCES, 15x12 cm, Wool, $120 (for each)

Yelena Beliaev

ORIENTAL MARKET, 78x58 cm, Wool, Wood, Plastic

"The artist works with ready felted pieces like a media. It lets her pack different meanings and messages into art installations, humorous and serious, figurative and abstract.
Besides botanical beauty, the artist learns how forms and colours influence our perception of subjects."

Yelena Beliaev

POP ART INSTALLATION, 60x60 cm, Wool, Canvas

About Yelena Beliaev

Born in Russia in 1972, Yelena Beliaev has lived in Israel for the past 20 years. Yelena is a self-taught fiber artist working in a needle felting technique. For 4 years, she has created more than felted pieces, which have been arranged in different styled art installations. Her works have been purchased by clients in Canada, Australia, Russia and Israel.

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